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Nagominoyado -Mutsuki image
Nagominoyado -Mutsuki image
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Nagominoyado -Mutsuki image
Nagominoyado -Mutsuki image
Nagominoyado -Mutsuki image
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Group stays welcome!

Welcome to Beppu, the land of hot springs! Experience the rare scene of steam dancing in the sky. See the beautiful lights among the city's springs. Natural sights abound with Mt. Tsurumidake rising from the west, and Beppu Bay sprawling out across the east. Other than the hot springs, the town is also home to a number of charming sights. This inn is elevated above Beppu, around 2 minutes by car away from the Beppu interchange. It is convenient for both business and sightseeing. In Japan, the aesthetic created by blending Japanese and Western styles is highly regarded.Our hotel is well regarded as a tasteful synthesis of the ambiance of the old style Japanese inn, and the convenience of a modern hotel. We try our best to provide personalized service to all types of customers including couples, families, and large groups. Enjoy your dream night away from the every day. Please relax and enjoy your stay.                      Nagominoyado - Mutsuki Manager

Mutsuki Three Attractive Features No.1 5 Delights to Choose From  Our 5 family baths are available for reservation for guests at the hotel, and can be used for free an unlimited number of times.  Availability can be conveniently checked at the front desk on the electric bulletin board. No.2 We have a large banquet hall.  It's perfect for large groups traveling together or for company gatherings. Mutsuki is the only place to host a large banquet for your group.  Planning the dinner is easy with the all-you-can-drink option. No.3 Renovated Japanese-Western Style Rooms  We have three types of unique renovated Japanese-Western style rooms.  All of our fashionable Japanese-Western style rooms are complete with their own baths.

Guest Room

All rooms are either Japanese style or Japanese-Western style.Our facilities are fit for groups of all sizes from couples to large groups, and include a lounge, gender-segregated large public baths, open air baths, and a banquet hall.

Hot springs

Our five private family baths are accessible at any time during your stay free of charge.!Take a load off with a relaxing hot water foot bath.


Meals can be taken in a private room in the dining area.Enjoy Kannawa specialty Jigokumushi (hot spring steamed dishes), savory steaks, and other kaiseki cuisine.

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